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January 21, 2019

Why some Nairobians are always in a rush

Why some Nairobians are always in a rush
Why some Nairobians are always in a rush

There are many statements that are unique to Nairobians. They are always working hard hoping that whatever endeavours they involve themselves would bear fruit.

Any unclear incident must always be followed by formation of a probe team to get to the root cause. We always infamously start our statements with ‘me' and 'I’.

One of the most used but least recognised of these statements is often made when a speeding car runs over a pedestrian on a highway.

People ask, “Kwani where was this guy rushing to?”

The question is valid as the speed at which some of the cars cruise would leave you thinking that there is a real emergency somewhere, yet you cannot trace an ambulance or a fire truck with a wailing siren. The person who wonders why one should be in a such a hurry makes one assumption. A Nairobian will endanger his or her life by speeding just to get home in time to catch the latest episode of Inspekta Mwala. Weirdly enough, this may not be as far off the mark as one might imagine.

People are known to rush for the flimsiest of excuses and this especially applies to Nairobi folk who can no longer conscientiously apply for the Uwezo Fund. Nairobians will be seen rushing home for the simple reason that chapatis would be served with beef stew on a Tuesday evening.

That the food can be kept for a few minutes does not seem to cross the mind of the ‘rushing’ Nairobian. The food must be eaten almost straight from the pot I suppose. Either that or the Nairobian must eat the first chapati that leaves the pan, which to some is a rare delicacy.

In recent times, the older folk seem to have this habit. These are the same folks who in the 1980s and 1990s were seen rushing home to change in order to get to clubs with colourful names like Lips, Boomerang, Bubbles, Visions, Gringos and Brilliant on time. The funniest part about their clubbing habits was that they would be at the designated clubs looking spruced up by 7pm yet they knew the real thing would start ‘happening’ after 11pm. By the time the real cool people checked into the clubs, these young folks of the time already looked quite haggard and sleepy.

The only thing that the ‘early birds’ took pride in was the privilege of giving their non-partying friends a detailed account of how everything started until the climax the following day. These ‘rushing to the club’ habits disappeared for some time as people concentrated on critical family responsibilities.

The habitually rushing Nairobians are the same folks who will try to jump long queues in banks. After they finish their ‘queue jumping’ and dash back into the office, you will be shocked when you look over their shoulders. On their computers, you will see them very busy playing Solitaire when there's no internet connection. Good internet connection would give this person an opportunity to poke people on Facebook or contribute to strange twitter trends like #whyIwouldneverwatchformular1atPorkiesPubinThika.

The rush continues as some Nairobians who are seen pushing and shoving to board a bus, ignoring the queues of passengers snaking around the city. The same people will be seen relaxing at home an hour later playing angry birds on their smart phones or snake on their Nokias. While this might not seem like a good enough reason to rush home, for some Nairobians, playing their newly discovered games is an important part of the human experience.

There is hope for the future though. Younger partygoers still go to clubs with names like Galileo's, Black Diamond, Mercury and the like, but they do not rush. This is because the cost of drinks today is so prohibitive that people have to go to these places after they have already been intoxicated by supermarket products.

I anticipate that in the future, these party animals will be more reasonable in their rush unlike their old school counterparts. This is because the younger folks are already used to the games that the older people are introducing themselves to.


Venue Review: The Galaxy Bar, Eka Hotel, Mombasa Road

A Friday evening with friends was exactly what the doctor ordered. The plan was to meet at one place and if we liked it enough, we would spend the evening there. I am always looking out for new places so I asked my pals that we meet at the Eka Hotel along Mombasa Road to make our plans.

As usual, I arrived first. I wanted to see this place that has appeared so swanky to me over the last year. There were several options for someone looking for fun including one of the only two official Spur restaurants in the country. I however preferred the Galaxy bar on the ground floor.

It's not the biggest place in town. It has a counter with some exquisite seats and a flat screen TV on one side. The décor here was one to die for. Another end of the bar has a restaurant whose décor is also excellent; red and black were some of the major colours that I noticed. The restaurant is also comprised of different types of seats.

The clientèle here, which seemed to be a mix of locals and people from other parts of the city appeared like professionals. One client walked in with a badge of a local telecommunications firm. This led me into thinking that he was probably a foreigner attending a conference or meeting. I opted to sit at the counter where I ordered a cold Tusker to keep myself busy as I waited for my colleagues to join me. I could also watch CNN programs on the the TV. The price was a bit jarring for me; Sh350 for one lager. From the décor and the ambiance, I could discern that the place was pricey but being mid-month, it was still a shock to the system.

Eventually, my friends showed up but you can be sure that we were not going to stay here with such high prices.

A quick recap of the venue:

Good: World class décor, great service, convenient location for those from either the airport or town, emergency exits clearly marked, clean washrooms, disability access.

Bad: Pricey!

My verdict: Its a bit pricey but if you want to impress, especially a client or a lady friend, this is a pretty decent option.

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