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December 11, 2018

Wedding bells at the Deols' home

Last year in July we brought you the pictures of Esha Deol’s wedding to her beau Bharat Takhtani. Well, the Deol household is going to be gearing up to send off another daughter to marital bliss next year. Ahana Deol, Esha’s younger sister got engaged to her boyfriend Vaibhav Vora in June this year and the date for the wedding has been fixed for February 2, 2014. Vaibhav is a Delhi-based businessman but that doesn’t mean he’s lacking in the romance department. Vaibhav got down on one knee and formally proposed to Ahana at their engagement ceremony. Mummy Hema Malini is already busy getting her daughter’s trousseau ready. The wedding will be held in Mumbai and Delhi and it’s still being decided if it’s going to be a South Indian or a Punjabi style wedding. Papa Dharmendra is a proper Punjabi!


Priyanka and Jay Sean: just good ‘friends’?

Priyanka Chopra has no new films coming out until Gunday opens in February next year. However the Bollywood diva sure knows how to stay in the limelight. With her latest item number in Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s Ram-Leela getting a good response amongst Bollywood buffs, the actress was spotted stepping out for dinner with 'good friend', Brit-Punjabi rapper Jay Sean, in Mumbai on Wednesday evening.

Rumours are rife. Will she collaborate with Jay Sean for her next single ? Or was there something more than just a friends-only meeting that was going on? Jay Sean, whose name is really Kamaljit Singh Jhooti is known for hits such as Ride it and Down. He has reportedly been trying to break into the Bollywood scene for a while, but the industry seems too obsessed with Yo Yo Honey Singh right now.

Lately, Priyanka has been aggressively pushing her musical ambitions. She launched her international music career with the single In My City, on which she collaborated with Will.I.Am.

Her second single, Exotic featuring Pitbull was released recently. The Bollywood actress is yet to find a foothold in the international music scene, though earlier reports had suggested she plans to launch her third single sometime next month.


Paresh Rawal back on screen

After capturing many hearts with his stellar performance in the sleeper hit film OMG Oh My God! , the veteran actor Paresh Rawal has now been signed to play the lead in Mahesh Manjrekar's Hindi remake of the Marathi film Shikshanachya Aaicha Go that starred Sachin Khedekar, Saksham Kulkarni and Bharat Jadhav. The Hindi remake is being produced by Salman Khan, who will also be acting in the film.

While the Hindi version of the film is being written by Abhijeet Deshpande, the film has already been made in Tamil and Telugu by Prakash Raj and in Bengali too.


Anupan and Kirron on reel after 28 years

After being in Bollywood for almost 28 years, real-life couple Anupam Kher and Kirron Kher will be seen together on the silver screen for the first time. They will feature in Neeraj Pandey's film Total Siyappa (which was earlier called as Aman Ki Aasha) and stars Ali Zafar and Yami Gautam.

Producer Neeraj Pandey said that they will be seen playing husband-wife for the first time on screen. Anupam and Kirron will be playing an over-the-top Punjabi couple in the film. The film is directed by E. Niwas.

Adnan Sami speaks up about plight of pakistani artistes

After the deaths of legends Mehdi Hassan and Reshma, Adnan Sami posted on his fan page on Facebook about the sorry plight of artistes in Pakistan. He seemed to have gotten a lashing for it but Adnan remains adamant that he will stand by what he said. He took to his fan page again to make his stand very clear. Here is an excerpt:

Much reaction has come in towards my statement regarding the sorry plight of Artistes in Pakistan. Well, it's the truth, you know it & I stand by it!

When has the Pakistan government truly honoured their Artistes or given a damn? Truth hurts but it is the reality.. Mehdi Hassan rotted & so did Reshma & these two huge legends a mere example.. The government could have sent them abroad for treatment etc.. Some will argue that the government has far too many other important matters to deal with; however ridiculous that argument maybe in my opinion but lets agree for a moment...But then why do they send 'corrupt' MNAs, MPAs & their families abroad for treatment at their expense who have looted the country & reduced its exchequer to shame but Not these cultural treasures & legends who are the Greatest Ambassadors of Pakistan..

The poor Artistes had no choice but to comply under the fear of being black listed!! Shameful!! This is not to speak of the concocted bills they would create in the name of Artistes just to put into their own pockets!

I also know how the Artistes inside Pakistan complain about how they are being neglected but don't have the guts to speak out..

Recently, the previous Pakistani government announced a laughable sum of Pakistani Rs. 5 Crores to "REVIVE THE PAKISTANI FILM INDUSTRY"!!! Pakistani Rs. 5 Crores will revive a "Film Industry"?? 5 Crore Pak Rupees cannot even make a low budget film let alone revive the "Film Industry"!! To add insult to injury, even that meagre sum has NOT been received by the industry to date!!

I criticise & say the truth & so it becomes unpatriotic!! Wah! So then there's no freedom of speech either!! lol!! If something is wrong than it is wrong.. If they can't accept it than tough! Ask them why every Artiste runs the moment he/she gets an outside opportunity?? The ones who never got an outside opportunity will naturally criticise those who did! They will then explain their staying back with the justification of being 'Patriotic'!! For the record, I know for a fact that 90% of those who scorn at Artistes who went abroad to expand their career themselves tried but unfortunately failed. I stay quiet about criticism unjustifiable attributed to me for living abroad since I don't care about what anyone thinks! It's my personal prerogative where I choose to live & I'm not answerable to anyone. I am an Artiste & my art belongs to the world & not any one entity. My fans are from all countries & I love them back with equal respect.

Don't ever forget that the Artistes are the greatest ambassadors of soft diplomacy for the country's image & they must be respected & taken care of. The love an Artiste can create within a listener or viewer in a few minutes of a performance, a diplomat takes years of endless meetings to create!

That is why artistes have succeeded in creating love in India and Pakistan respectively where both governments have failed!!!

Warm regards,

Adnan Sami



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