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December 11, 2018

Actress snubs fans In nairobi

My friend, who is an actor and has just made his celluloid debut in The Ugandan, was at the Diamond Plaza earlier this week enjoying a falooda one hot afternoon when he and his friends chanced upon Mamta Kulkarni. Who? I hear you ask. It is she of the posing topless in Stardust fame. She has also been in movies like Karan Arjun, China Gate, SabseBada Khiladi and Waqt. From controversy queen she has somehow carved herself into a ‘spiritual’ queen and here is what my friend Arfaan Bholim had to say:

Hi Kamal,

I was at Diamond Plaza today afternoon having falooda at Sno Cream with friends. Just as we were walking towards our vehicle, my eyes caught sight of former Bollywood actress, Mamta Kulkarni, with shopping bags. I immediately took a photo of her.

My friends and I then went to greet her but she started walking in the opposite direction totally ignoring us. We heard her say, "yeah, yeah".
We were frankly, shocked by her rude behaviour.

As we were walking towards our vehicle, one of my friends noticed she was walking behind us, ordering her maid around. God. Her English is so bad !!

We then entered our vehicle and started to drive out of the compound only to see her and her maid seated on chairs outside some restaurant, with their shopping trolley and bags on the side. The former actress was oblivious of people around her and (it was so obvious) pretended to sound busy on phone.It seemed her own driver must have ditched her.

We left the premises with my friends having nothing but "praises" for the flop heroine. I only managed to get one photo as my friends were really incensed by her conduct.



Legendary actor Amitabh Bachchan was conferred with the third Hridaynath Mangeshkar Award for his contribution to the film industry at an event in Mumbai.

Film-maker Subhash Ghai gave the award to the superstar after melody queen Lata Mangeshkar, who was initially supposed to present it, could not make it due to ill-health though she did tweet her delight at Big B’s win.

The award ceremony was followed by a concert called Hridayotsava 71 - a musical tribute to Bachchan and Mangeshkar.  Superstar Bachchan was spotted sharing a tender moment with wife Jaya during the event.



The late Manna Dey could create magic at the time of recording by adding his Midas touch, which is why his songs still remain memorable. The fact of not being the 'voice' of any specific actor for a long time notwithstanding, Dey's work reveals the sort of diversity which not many singers can match.

Zindagi Kaisi HaiPaheli from Anand's lovely but straightforward melody could have been demolished by any ordinary performer with his mediocre singing.

But, in Dey's voice, the song acquired a haunting feel. If Yeh Dosti Hum NahinTodenge from Sholay became a lot more popular because of the film's astounding success, Aye MeriZohraJabeen from Waqt is an unforgettable qawwali which celebrates long-lasting love in a lighter mood.

Chalatmusa farmohliyarey from TeesriKasam was his exploration of the territory of folk music. What he has left behind are luminous musical memories. Rest in peace. You can keep his memories and music alive by listening to all his hits only on East FM.



On October 22, the day of KarvaChauth, Kajol Devgun, who was religiously observing fast as per traditions, was robbed. She discovered that the gold bangles from her residence were missing.

The actress found her half open jewellery box in her wardrobe, contents of which were randomly arranged. Immediately reporting the crime, Kajol and her husband Ajay Devgun have filed a complaint with.

The couple also added that they suspected the involvement of an insider. As per the registered complaint, 17 bangles worth nearly Rs5 lakh are missing. 

Confirming the news, Kajol's mother Tanuja revealed that Kajol's bangles got stolen but she was unaware of the rest of the details since she had just returned to Mumbai. Meanwhile, Arun Bhagat, senior inspector, Juhu Police Station claimed that the investigation is still in progress and that they have even questioned the domestic staff who had access to Kajol's room.

If you recall, this is not the first robbery the Devguns have been through at their residence. Some years ago they had a relative of one of their domestic staff arrested after having stolen from the Devguns. Here’s hoping this is the last of these incidences.

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