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December 10, 2018

Pakistan gangster threatens Sonu Nigam

Sonu Nigam
Sonu Nigam

Sonu Nigam has been allegedly threatened by Pakistan-based gangster Chhota Shakeel for the past month but Sonu has not yet lodged a formal complaint. The Mumbai police have been waiting for him to arrive back from his tour to do the necessary.

Shakeel wants Sonu to have a tie-up with his own man in Dubai, Altaf, for a tour. When Sonu refused to comply, Shakeel allegedly resorted to threats and blackmail, saying he would release an audio clip in which Nigam is purportedly talking to an influential woman with political connections in Mumbai.

After receiving the threats, Sonu contacted the Mumbai police commissioner Satyapal Singh, who directed him to the senior crime branch officers, though according to the officers a complaint had not yet been lodged either with them or the anti-extortion branch.

The crime branch was still trying to identify who Altaf was and were trying to figure out how Shakeel got the recording of Nigam’s conversation. There is a high possibility, according to them, that the woman must have recorded it and handed it over to Shakeel because only law enforcement agencies have the ability to intercept phone conversations. 



Before you think she’s being likened to cattle and that she is suffering from the disease the bovines do, I’ll let you know it’s just figurative! We all know how Mallika has a tendency to shoot off her mouth without much thought to anything and this was pretty evident as she made her television debut with The Bachelorette India, Mere Khayalon Ki Mallika.

At the press conference for the launch of the show, Mallika seemed to be pretty much in control as long as everything seemed to be going according to a script and when a reporter asked her about her views on why she wants to be in India as she has often said the state of women is oppressive and she preferred living in LA, Mallika went ballistic and lost all her cool and demanded repeatedly for the YouTube video to be shown where she might have said such things.

It was very obvious she didn’t understand the reporter’s question and didn’t bother to ask or clarify, but instead flew into a fit and went off tangent.

Recently Rahul Mahajan made a guest appearance on Mallika’s reality show. After the shoot, out of the blue, the sexy siren asked Rahul, “Who is your father and what does he do?”

We get it that she might have flown to Hollywood and all that, but not for so long that she’s completely unaware of the political situation in Mumbai, right? Also, if at all she might have read and researched about the reality dating shows that have been telecasted before in India, she might have known Rahul too had done a swaymvar.

We’re sure you aren’t as ignorant as this sexy babe but FYI, Rahul Mahajan is the son of the late BJP leader Pramod Mahajan, who died under tragic circumstances.

Anyways, even after putting her foot in the mouth, and later finding out about Rahul’s father and background, Mallika didn’t have the courtesy to apologise. In fact, she chose to be indifferent!

Ms Motormouth needs to calm down a bit and stop putting her foot in the mouth at every point. It seems like she only opens her mouth these days to change the foot!



Kader Khan, who was in Dubai for a while, owing to his ill health, recently returned to India and is back in action too! The actor has produced a film titled In Your Arms.

The film will star three generations of the Khan family which includes Kader Khan himself, his sons Sarfaraz and Shah Nawaz Ali along with his eight-year-old grandson Hamzaa (Sarfaraz's son).

The film is about the relationship between a husband and a wife who are on the verge of a divorce. Moreover, the film will have all of them playing different roles unlike the yesteryear hit Kal Aaj Aur Kal, which had the Kapoor family reprising their real life roles. The film is set for a nation-wide release but the dates are yet to be confirmed. 



Recently John Abraham was in South Africa and he got upset with a few of his fans at the airport. He was in the middle of conversation with a few people and got interrupted by some fans who started clicking his pictures at the airport.

This has never perturbed the hunk before but this time John lost his cool and gave the fans a piece of his mind but I’m sure they’d rather have a piece of that well-toned derriere!

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