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February 16, 2019

A Tribute to Bollywood’s Superstar a year on

Dressed in a kanjivaram sari and rudraksha bead around her neck, Dimple Kapadia, Rajesh Khanna’s ex-wife, organised a havan at his Bandra residence, Aashirwad. Also present were daughter Twinkle with son Aarav and the latest addition to the family, daughter Nitara. Akshay Kumar, Rajesh’s son-in-law, was not able to attend the ceremony as he was busy promoting his new film, Once Upon A Time in Mumbai Dobara. Industry colleagues who remembered him were Subhash Ghai, Anju Mahendru, Reena Roy, Naved Jaffery and Jackie Shroff. Several fans also gathered outside his home to pay tribute to their favourite yesteryear hero.

Interestingly, Anita Advani, who was Rajesh’s companion until he passed away, did not attend the ceremony. She has also been in the news lately for waging a legal war against the family demanding a share of the deceased's property. Days after he died, Anita was very vocal about her intent not vacate Aashirwad.

Friends Again!

They were good friends but a fight at Katrina Kaif’s birthday party back in 2008 ensured that Salman Khan and Shah Rukh Khan stopped talking to each other. Gibes and insults were traded openly and neither tolerated the other’s presence. Many efforts were made by mutual friends to get the two together again but they were unfruitful until Sunday night at former minister Baba Siddiquie’s iftar celebrations where the two stars were present. Watching the video of the entire event, you can see SRK concentrating on eating his food while Salman Khan walks in. In the past both stars have impeccably timed their entrances and exits to avoid being in the same room as each other but Salman walked to wards SRK, tapped him on the shoulder and opened out his arms to embrace SRK.

Later SRK tweeted: ‘Finally u realize turning the page is the best feeling in the world, becos there is so much more to the book than the page u were stuck on’. It took him five good years to realise that but at least better late than never!

Buniyaad is Back

I still remember back in the day when my mum would bring home at least five video tapes at a time, filled with precious recordings of her favourite serial, Buniyaad. They were brought home from the video library and parked next to, what we would now deem an antique, a JVC video player. Within a couple of days she would watch her allotted quota and go back to the video library to get more of the series. Well, there’s some good news for all Buniyaad fans, and fans of Indian soaps in general because after almost 27 years the series is coming back to Doordarshan Television. Director Ramesh Sippy is hoping to rope in the younger generation to watch this show. Mt Sippy threw a reunion party for the star cast, which included Alok Nath, Anita Kanwar, Kiran Juneja, Asha Sachdev, Dalip Tahil, Kanwaljit Singh, Krutika Desai and Neena Gupta.

“It’s a classic and therefore there’s a recall value among people who watched it. I am hoping this time younger people will watch it too.” Alok Nath, who played Master Haveliram – the lead role in the daily soap said, “We were all new when we joined Buniyaad. The show became our foundation in the industry. It gave us a name in this competitive industry. It was such a pleasurable moment and all thanks to Rameshji for being a great friend, mentor and philosopher. Now I am just eagerly waiting to relive those memories.”



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