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February 20, 2019

When Mika Singh Enthralled

Honestly speaking, I usually think twice before I go out these days. Besides the safety factor, I also don’t like to spend my shoe allowance on anything but shoes. When the promos started airing on East FM for Mika Singh, my interest was piqued. I love this guy’s voice and also the audacious stories I had heard of this man always made me grin. Clearly, he was a man who was totally happy-go-lucky with little regard to criticism and a really good singer at it.

Whenever I see the name Ranee Productions on the banner of any event, I’m quietly self-assured that the event organisation will be out of this world. Last Saturday I got to meet Mika Singh at the press conference and he was very down to earth.

Being a social media addict, I had been in touch with Mika on Twitter and even mentioned it to him. He remembered and even quoted a couple of them. How sweet.

The concert in the evening at Carnivore was a well-organised event. Even though there was no threat of rain at all that evening, a huge dome had been put up and as promised, there was a chair for every reveler to sit on whether they were on platinum entry cards or the ordinary seats at the back. I’ve always felt the real fans are the ones who actually manage to get the seats right at the back and party the most. Before the concert started I decided to go for a walk-about and enjoy the décor.

Besides the numerous seats, I loved the fact that the organiser had put a huge screen for the revellers at the back to ensure that they too could see the concert up close too. There have been times I have bought tickets to sit at the back at some concerts and unfortunately the screens have only been put at the front for people who can already see the performance on stage clearly.

Mika enthralled his audience with his three hour non-stop performance, singing and dancing and most of all engaging with the crowd. He allowed fans to come on stage and dance with him. His live band was absolutely brilliant as were the back up vocalists and his dance troupe.

I have said this before and I will say it again – whenever you see Ranee Productions promoting an event, go for it. There will be no regrets and you’ll always get your money’s worth.

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