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February 20, 2019

Pearl Koroga Premier League A Huge Success

The Rowdy Roosters
The Rowdy Roosters

I may have a strong bias but I must say that when we have events at East FM, we do them in style. When you are giving away prizes of Sh100,000 cash, extravagant gift hampers and a whole load of fun to your listeners, it’s no wonder they in turn are supportive and loyal.

For the past four weeks, we had a Koroga Premier League which entailed each presenter at East FM forming his or her team to participate in the contest. Some teams were formed by listeners to challenge the East FM crew. We had 14 teams in total.

Every Friday, we met at two alternate venues and the presenters with their teams spent the whole week before the event whispering into their phones, meeting for test cooking rounds, having meetings and putting in place strategy like it was an election campaign.No one discussed with the other what they’d make and how they would go about it. It was hilarious.

Everything was provided for by various sponsors and all you had to do was turn up, cook, have fun and aim to win. I’m quite pleased to say that my team, the Rowdy Roosters, actually made it to the semi-finals and lost by, what I’m hoping, just half a mark (or so I like to tell me deluded self).

My teammates were awesome and handled everything like professionals. Jazzy, Amrik, Basit, Kiran and Pravin sorted the menu out and delegated who would be in charge of what and got on with it.

The finals saw four teams moving ahead and the guy who eventually won the prize was no other than East FM’s breakfast host Aleem Manji with his team Aleem’s Avengers.

Now, if you know Aleem, you know he can’t cook and just on the morning of the finals he was walking around Lion Place with a very perplexed look on his face because he had just discovered that when you cut green peppers into half, you will find seeds in them.

I think Aleem was more surprised than anyone when the winner was announced and his grin was priceless. It was a close call between Kunjan Dholakia’s Mama Mbogaz and Aleem’s Avengers.

I’m still trying to find out if Aleem has already spent his share of the prize money yet or not. If not then I know very well how he ought to redistribute it.

No matter what East FM does, it’s always a lot of fun and the prizes are always grand. We have great things happening each and every day on our station and watch out for Navratri and Diwali. There are great big surprises for you and lots of giveaways – of course, only on Kenya’s Premier Asian Mix. Join us online on


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