Nyong’os have tamed Akothee’s wild ways

Wining and dining with governor, his wife have made her tone down

In Summary

• The singer said she is not a role model, parents assumed that role for their kids

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Singer Akothee says Kisumu Governor Anyang' Nyong'o and his wife Dorothy are the reason she stopped some unpleasant behaviours on social media.

In an official function graced by the governor and his wife, Akothee said she is transforming.

"This family means a lot to me. They might not know but they are a blessing to me since I met them," she said.

"You can attest to it if you are following me that most of my funny behaviours have deteriorated [sic] because I'm now dining and wining with the kings and anointed people of God.

"From the bottom of my heart, I am not a very good person, I am a damaged good. This initiative you have brought has made my life very easy." 

The singer further added that she is not a role model and that parents should be role models they want for their children.

"I do not want your children to go through a roller coaster of today she is this… To any parent who wants to blame others for your child’s character, blame it to you," she said.

"A child has only two biological characters in their life: you as a father and as a mother. You have to work hard to provide basic needs for them, and the first is breastfeeding."

Akothee said there is a big difference between her personality and what she portrays on social media.

She cautioned her fans against copying some of the things she does on social media, saying the world has turned her to be like that. She added that she feels ashamed of what she does on social media.

“My mother brought up a simple, loving, innocent and intelligent girl called Esther Akoth Kokeyo. Ile Akothee is a character development from the world. She embarasses me, hurts me, makes me lose good relationships."