Corazon says Frankie has not neglected her

She downplayed loneliness post as deviation from glam lifestyle facade

In Summary

• Socialite had caused a stir with suggestive posts after duo unfollowed each other

Frankie with Corazon
Frankie with Corazon
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Corazon Kwamboka has dismissed claims her fiance Frankie JustGymIt has neglected her. 

She had earlier said she is feeling "lonely and sad".

On Monday, the mother of one shared her hunger escapades with fans on social media. 

"Now I am literally dying of hunger! What should I make? Living solo isn't fun. Mala and ugali will have to do, sina nguvu ya kupika," she said.

This ignited speculations that indeed, Corazon and Frankie are not doing so well. 

This came after she caused a stir online after posting a suggestive message about relationships.

"I feel so alone and sad. I want to have a genuine smile again, to be really happy," she wrote.

However, Corazon says they are in talks about everything.

"Gosh. Kwani there is something wrong with ugali and mala? Y'all used to people showing you only the glam lifestyle," she wrote on her Insta stories.

"We've always lived separately and we've talked about this. My fiance is super-supportive to me." 

A crosscheck of their Instagram pages shows the two have unfollowed each other.

The two announced they were expecting another baby last month by sharing photos capturing Corazon's baby bump, stating they are happy to see their family expand.

In a Q and A session, fans asked if Corazon planned for the pregnancy, and the type of contraceptive she used to space her two children.

She said she had not planned to get pregnant for the second time with Frankie.