Wa Muchomba: Mwenje once pulled a gun on me

He 'stormed Inooro FM' after she called him a Form 4 dropout

In Summary

• She was known as a tough boss in radio, was referred to as 'aunt'

Kiambu Women Representative Gathoni wa Muchomba in Parliament
Kiambu Women Representative Gathoni wa Muchomba in Parliament
Image: FILE

Kiambu Woman Representative Gathoni Wa Muchomba says she was summoned by top government officials while working in radio.

She also ruffled the feathers of the late Embakasi MP David Mwenje, who she said pulled a gun on her at Inooro FM.

Speaking to Dun Wainaina on YouTube, Gathoni said former President Mwai Kibaki also summoned her for speaking against the government.

"Those who know me from radio say I was a tough boss and they referred to me as ''aunt'," she said.

"I fought so many politicians and some of them threatened my life. The late Mwenje was my friend but it got to a point when he pulled a gun on me.

"He came to the studio carrying a gun. I made a comment on air about him being a Form 4 dropout and that really got to him."

Kibaki summoned and questioned why I was against his government. That was during some clashes between communities in Molo.

Gathoni criticised radio presenters for not using the airwaves to speak about real issues.

"A radio personality should be powerful to address issues affecting the communities. Don't just take photos in studios and post," she said.

"Ask yourself, what you are doing for the nation. I stopped listening to radio since presenters mostly brag about how they ate nyama choma last night, forgetting there is an old grandmother somewhere in the village struggling to get school fees for their children."

She said if she will lose her position as Woman Representative, she will still go back to radio and serve people and God.

"My ministry is for the poor people. I have done my best. I don't need to go back to the radio to earn but to serve people."

She said unlike in Parliament, media persons have more freedom to speak.

The 46-years-old politician said she is determined to be the Kenyan President by the time she hits 60 years, adding that it is something God has been pushing her to do.

"If God gives me life, I will be the President. That is my vision. It is something that God has pushed in my mind for many days and even when I resist, it still comes back."