Cashing in on stranger's body, Hard handshake execution, Uhuru Jubilee saviour: Your Breakfast Briefing

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• The stories making headlines in the Star this morning.

Weekend's top stories in the Star.

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The number of international tourists visiting the country is expected to hit 2.1m by the end of the year with over 900,000 tourists having visited the country ahead of the high season

The rise in the numbers has been attributed to improved marketing, emergence of new markets and new tourism destinations.

Here are the other stories making headlines in the Star this morning.

Two in court for stealing dead body and claiming insurance cash

It would have been a forgotten story of a man who died in an accident but for a life insurance cover.

But 11 years after he was killed, William Odhiambo’s body, with barely any flesh on it, remains in the cold until a court determines who it belongs to.

Two families are battling over the ownership of the said body, which was covered for five years by CIC Insurance.

This is how HIV cure will look like

Until today, there are only two people and several mice known to have been cured of HIV. However, there is growing optimism that these breakthroughs will lead to a way of eradicating the virus without the need for further treatment.

“We now have very good understanding of why the virus keeps evading the antiretroviral therapy, and we know where it hides,” says Dr Peter Cherutich.

Dr Cherutich is a celebrated Kenyan public health specialist and HIV researcher, who became the first graduate of the PhD programme in global health metrics and evaluation at the University of Washington in 2015.

How politically connected individuals grabbed Ngong Forest

Documents in possession of the Star show how influential and politically connected individuals benefited from illegal hiving of Ngong Road Forest.

In 1978, the forest-covered approximately 3,282.04861 acres ( 1328.2 hectares).

However, between 1992 and 1995, massive swathes of the forest were acquired irregularly.

Uhuru best positioned to break up Kieleweke, Tanga Tanga

Once in a while, nations and leaders find themselves presented with opportunities to alter the course of history.

It is upon them to take advantage of such moments to improve or destroy the fortunes of their nations on the basis of the actions they take.

Such moments require bravery and rare character to execute a people’s agenda that would be disruptive to the existing social normative structures.

Muturi wants governors' reference on revenue bill dismissed

National Assembly Speaker Justin Muturi has challenged the Supreme Court's admission of a reference by governors seeking to unlock the impasse on the Division of Revenue Bill 2019. 

Muturi told Chief Justice David Maraga that the Supreme Court has no jurisdiction to issue an advisory opinion on the reference filed on Monday last week.

He said it should be dismissed "for the reason that the matters raised are subject of ongoing proceedings before the High Court".