Neville insists he will not return to management after his failed stint at Valencia

Neville was conducting a question and answer session on his Twitter.

In Summary

• A user asked what he would do if offered the Manchester United manager’s job.

• Neville made it clear he had no interest in job and would not be a manager again.

Gary Neville sustains an injury during a recent testimonial match
Gary Neville sustains an injury during a recent testimonial match

Gary Neville has insisted he would ‘run a mile’ if he was ever offered the job of Manchester United manager.

The former United full-back’s comment came as he conducted a question and answer session on Twitter on Sunday evening.

Asked if he would ever take the top job at Old Trafford, he replied: “That call isn’t coming and if it did, I would run a mile.”

Neville spent less than four months in charge at Spanish club Valencia during the 2015-16 season and won only three of the 16 La Liga games they played during his tenure.

Questioned over a possible return to management one day, he replied: “No”, and asked what was the weirdest thing he had been asked to sign, he said: “Valencia contract.’

His reply was equally succinct when it came to the topic of the worst game he had ever covered, posting simply: “Agueerrrooooo!

Among a series of answers ­— some more serious than others — Neville also agreed that Liverpool striker Roberto Firmino was world class. He also voiced the opinion that Manchester City’s defensive problems could prove damaging to their Premier League title hopes.

When asked what the worst performance of his career was, he added: “Leeds in the cup. Embarrassing”, referring to the loss to United’s fierce rivals in 2010.

United have had a mixed start to the season, although they did climb to fourth at the weekend. They managed to overcome Leicester at Old Trafford in a 1-0 win courtesy of Marcus Rashford’s penalty.

Neville spoke about why Ole Gunnar Solskjaer needs to be given time in his role as manager earlier in the weekend.

He said: “Give him three to four transfer windows to clean up the trash in the dressing room, because there is trash in there. You have to weed out the weeds, and that’s not his fault. He has to create his winning team, but it takes time. Liverpool have gone 30 years without winning the Premier League, so it’s not that fantastic anywhere. This will take time.”