Being a loudmouth has its time but can be stressful

Arsene Wenger
Arsene Wenger

I have a loud mouth and unfortunately it won’t be silenced any time soon. Last weekend however, my loudmouth nearly got me into trouble.

From early Saturday morning I started the hashtag “what is Reading” on twitter and sung the same chorus all through my Saturday afternoon sports show.

Ideally Reading were supposed to be a walk in the park for the mighty Gunners and even though we got the win, it was a stressful 120 minutes of football to watch.

And it was one of those games that could have gone either way. Reading could have shattered the Gunners dream of becoming the first team to ever win the FA Cup 12 times! And it is going to happen.

Liverpool did us a favour by knocking themselves out of the competition and now we have a small matter of Aston Villa on the 30th of May between us and a Cup record. This weekend will be tough though.

I know deep down in my heart that Chelsea can be beaten by Arsenal but it won’t be easy. I’m stuck right now between betting money on an Arsenal win because it will really depend on which Arsenal turns up on the day.

And which line-up manager Arsene Wenger starts with. I still think that Wenger needs to give Theo Walcott some starts because he is a player with a big mentality and no fear.

Wenger tinkered a little with the team against Reading and even though Reading were a lowly Championship side, it was an FA Cup semi final and sure enough they brought everything including the kitchen sink to the game.

No more time is left for gambling! Wenger is the type of manager who might feel that we can afford a draw against Chelsea and still finish second but we the fans want nothing less than a win.

I congratulated the Blues for winning this season’s Premier League after their win over Manchester United and only a fool would think that Chelsea can be caught, but Arsenal can be caught.

I wouldn’t be able to silence the Red Devils if they finished above the Gunners this season so every match counts! I also do not want the match between Arsenal and Manchester United next month to be the decider on who finishes second in the league.

I want it to play out in such a way, that by the time we play United, there are more than three points between us. So that if by miracle United do beat Arsenal, the Gunners would still be able to say that we finished above them.

It is critical as a fan in Kenya to always have something to gloat about. The way Liverpool’s only claim to fame since the Premier league came into play is their 2005 Champions League win.

And the way Man United fans can only attack the Gunners by saying that we’ve never won the Champions League. It’s important to have something to gloat about and finishing above Man United this season on top of winning more FA Cups than them, will definitely give Arsenal fans something to gloat about during the mid year break.

The run-in will not be easy but there is belief amongst the fans and the players that Arsenal will win the FA Cup and will finish second, above Man United.

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