Fury as feaces found at court parking lot

In another case, human waste was spotted at a Nairobi court’s parking area

In Summary

• MagistratE chases a suspect away temporarily as he coughs suggestively


Supreme Court
Supreme Court
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Why would one relieve themselves in a court compound?

There was human waste at a Nairobi court’s parking area, even after Chief Justice Maraga ordered  the mentions and hearings of some cases be adjourned for a fortnight. Court premises remain empty.

“We are struggling not only to prevent outsiders from accessing the court but also clean it “serious garbage”. We don’t know who did this,” a security guard told our mole.


Although the government has urged Kenyans not to panic about the coronavirus, things are different on the ground. Taking precautions not to contract the Covid-19 virus, a magistrate at a Nairobi court refused to touch some documents.

The judicial officer who was conducting court sessions under a tree refused to hold court papers, saying they may be infected with the Covid-19 virus. She, however, listened to the parties present and observed the self-distancing advise as advised by WHO and health experts.

A magistrate at a Nairobi court left some two court attendants, the investigation officer, the clerk and the prosecutor in stitches after he chased a suspect away temporarily.

“Please, why are you coughing? What is your intention? Keep off … speak while you are standing close to the door for my safety and that of the investigating officer,” the magistrate ordered the accused.

The man accused of defilement smiled and let it go. The police officer present in court was seen holding his hand as he moved close to the door, raising questions whether police officers are actually taking precautions.


The Star later realised that the magistrate later ordered the man to speak what he had but at a reasonable distance.