Benachi terms album a 'favour from God'

He did not have any challenges in making it as producers delivered

In Summary

• He said the 'Not Alone' album has top quality sound and music

Gospel singer Benachi

Benson Ongachi, popularly known as Benachi, has released his 'Not Alone' album, a 13-track project that has two collaborations with Moji Shortbaba and Guardian Angel.

Speaking to Word Is, the gospel singer said it is about how God has held the singer through good and tough times, "especially tough times, where I thought I was by myself, but God was right next to me in the darkest moments," he said. 

"It’s all about reminding the believers and Christians that God is always right next to them all the time."

He described the making of the album as a favour. "Honestly, I didn’t have challenges on this album, there is favour in this album . All the producers cooperated to give out quality sound and music. Big up to Sevil, Teddy B and Vicky Pon This. God bless them."

Benachi thanked his fans for positive feedback. "It seems like they had really missed my music," he said.

"People always receive my music vizuri sana, but I think some people think that I stopped singing since I’m not always around to do a media tour ever time I release a song or any project. But for the ones that follow my music, they have received it pretty well."

He concluded that he sees the album going international.

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