Eat less to lose weight, says Kate

She is on silicon procedure that requires diet control to work

In Summary

• She reversed the weight loss procedure she had opted for after losing weight too fast

Catherine Kamau
Catherine Kamau

Actress Catherine Kamau has encouraged those undergoing weight-loss journey through medical procedures to check on their food portions.

The mother of two announced in 2022 that she had decided on an alternative way to lose weight.

The actress later shared that she had undergone the gastric Allurion procedure, which, according to her, was a lifesaver.

She reversed the weight loss procedure she had opted for after it went against her wish.

She stayed with the balloon for only four months.

Kate said in the first few weeks, she lost 15kg, and she felt like it was too much to lose in such a short time.

"Thankfully, there is something I can do. I told them [the hospital] I wanted to lose weight but not this much coz I still want to be a curvy girl," she said.

In a recent video on Tiktok, she said she is on silicon that lasts for eight months.

Kate Actress also said the procedure only proves effective and works if one learns how to control their food portion intake and workouts.

"If you don't learn portion control and how to eat light and move your body, utakuwa unafanya zero work. You still have to put in some work." 

Willis Raburu and Oficial Kinuthia are among the other celebrities who have opted for the gastric balloon procedure.

Jackie Matubia said since the gastric procedure, she eats less and feels full faster.

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