Auntie Jemimah lost her child to gestational diabetes

She lost her first child at 34 weeks

In Summary

• The baby died a day or two before she got to the hospital

Gukena FM host Auntie Jemimah
Gukena FM host Auntie Jemimah

Gukena FM radio presenter Auntie Jemimah has opened up about the trauma she experienced pushing a dead child.

Speaking in an interview with Kamau Mwangi, Jemimah said she lost the baby due to gestational diabetes.

"It was not detected early enough, the day I was to go for the test, I postponed it as I had something else I was doing," she said.

"I do not know exactly at what point the baby died." 

The baby died a day or two before she got to the hospital. She lost her first child at 34 weeks.

The new mum says welcoming her secondborn and hearing her cries is the best gift life has given her, although the past experience is still painful. 

She sought therapy immediately after she lost her child, but that did not help her deal with the triggers she faced.

"Carrying a pregnancy is a ticking time bomb. I lost the baby in September and seeing other people's kids would trigger me, seeing other women pregnant also triggered me," she said.

She also found herself crying the middle of her show.

"I dealt with it by going for therapy and interacting with women," she said.

She said carrying a baby after loss is a tough journey because one is constantly worried.

"I was on constant medication because of gestational diabetes.

I would take nine tests of my sugar level every day. I am an overthinker, so I was constantly worried," she said.

She described her newborn baby as her best gift, saying she is perfect.

Gestational diabetes is form of high blood sugar that affects pregnant women.

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