Rayvanny beefs with Harmonize

It all started when Harmonize threw shade on Rayvanny's booze songs

In Summary

• Rayvanny claimed Harmonize was jealous as he had no hit song on alcohol

Harmonize and Rayvanny
Harmonize and Rayvanny

Former WCB signees Harmonize and Rayvanny are at loggerheads.

The beef started when Harmonize told artistes to go slow on releasing alcohol-themed songs.

Rayvanny blasted Harmonize, claiming he is jealous as he had no hit song on alcohol.

Later, Harmonize responded by saying Rayvanny is stuck to Wasafi despite leaving the label months ago.

An angry Rayvanny hit back, saying Harmonize is not his match, pointing out that he even wrote verses for him in a song they did together.

"Speaking about songs, on 'Paranawe' I wrote your entire verse for you and on the 'Birthday' song I gave you like 90 per cent of the content," he said.

Rayvanny officially parted ways with Diamond Platnumz-owned record label WCB Wasafi in July 2022, while Harmonize left it back in 2019.

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