Zuchu slammed for lyrics sexism

She said she outdoes women because she writes as well as men

In Summary

• Zuchu asked not to be compared with female artistes, triggering Chams, Nandy, Maua Sama and Ruby

Abigail Chams
Abigail Chams

Tanzanian singer Abigail Chams says it was disappointing for Zuchu to insinuate that male artistes are more talented in songwriting than female.

In a social media statement, Chams wrote, "It is not an accomplishment of any sort to be in the men's league. One's songwriting or musicality is dependant solely on their skill."

Adding, "A talented writer is a talented writer, period. It has nothing to do with their gender."

This comes after Zuchu said she shouldn't be compared with any female artistes and should be put among the men.

"On my songwriting, I need to be compared with the men, I'm on their league, sorry my fellow females. My pen game hard, I could write for a guy and not notice."

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