Namu and wife mark 12 years of marriage

Couple traded passionate tributes to mark the occasion

In Summary

• Namu said he was lucky to have her as a partner and a great mum to their kids

Journalist Allan Namu and his wife Makena
Journalist Allan Namu and his wife Makena
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Award-winning investigative journalist Allan Namu and his wife Sheena Makena yesterday celebrated their 12th marriage anniversary.

The Africa Uncensored founder counted his blessings and hailed her parenting skills.

"Thank you for standing by my side from our first dance (to this song!) to our first grey hairs," he wrote. 

"From our first child to our fourth. For every day that you have loved me, even when you can't stand me."

Namu went on to praise his wife, referring to her as the heart of their home and a brilliant human being.

"So smart, so fierce and a genuinely good person. I'm not lucky to have you. I am blessed."

Makena also gushed on her husband as a man who knew how to handle her troubles, reminding her how she loved him.

"These past 12 years have changed but have been a blast, a rollercoaster; filled with imperfections-but ours. I cannot imagine doing it with anyone else but you," she wrote.

"We all appreciate you for being the head of our home, the diluter of my madness and a good balance of everything I love about you."

Makena has previously revealed that when she first married Allan, she faced a lot of animosity and women coming up to him. 

She said after a few years, she started seeing all the attention of women to her husband in a positive light. 

"In the beginning, I was just very paranoid, I guess about everyone, but now it's fun," she said.

"Because you think this is a good thing and so many people appreciate what he does. I think I just had to come to a point and realise that not everybody had bad intentions, and also by virtue of how we conduct ourselves.

"People have just naturally fallen into being respectful. We no longer have people coming up to him and wanting to show inappropriateness."

Namu said building a wall around his family and working to strengthen their relationship helped in dealing with the external forces threatening their marriage.

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