Eunice Njeri's ex introduces wife

Both have moved on after two-day marriage flopped

In Summary

• Izzo showcased their marriage certificate stating that God restored the broken

Eunice Njeri's ex-lover Rapper Izzo with his wife
Eunice Njeri's ex-lover Rapper Izzo with his wife
Image: courtesy

A few weeks after after gospel singer Eunice Njeri announced she had moved on, her ex-husband rapper Izzo has also unveiled his wife on social media.

Rapper Izzo shared cute photos of him with his wife, identified as Irene Njeri Kaberere.

He then showcased their marriage certificate.

"God restores the broken-hearted and makes them whole again," he wrote.

Eunice Njeri also introduced her husband a few weeks ago, adding that she had also welcomed a baby.

"So in other news, 2019… Met Mr Muthii, 2021 married him, 2022 blessed with a bouncing baby boy!!! Glory to God!! Haaya! As you were."

Izzo and his wife wed in Texas.

In 2016, Eunice Njeri broke up with Izzo two days after a wedding held in Neema Gospel Church, Texas.

Eunice Njeri said she felt her heart was elsewhere.

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