Diana Marua recounts childhood trauma

Dad would come home raging and kids knew one would be beaten

In Summary

• Diana Marua's parents separated while they were young

Diana Marua
Diana Marua
Image: Courtesy

Diana Marua says she used to endure beatings from her dad.

Speaking on YouTube, Marua said her parents separated.

"It meant we were with Dad and different house helps. Dad was a guy of making noise at home, it got to a point we were traumatised," she said.

"We kept asking ourselves what we did to deserve the beating. We would call our mum to tell her we wanted to live with her, but he told us to wait a little bit longer."

Her mum would promise to come but never did.

"I feel like my dad was also going through a lot emotionally, raising small children by himself. There was a lack of finances, there was so much going on," she said.

"I have a personality of persevering. My personality is that of persevering."

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