Vanessa Mdee's sister praises Juma Jux

She termed him a good person from their past interaction

In Summary

• Mdee is Rotimi's fiancee while Jux is rumoured to be dating Huddah Monroe

Mimi Mars
Mimi Mars

Vanessa Mdee's sister Marianne Namshali Mdee, alias Mimi Mars, has praised her sister's ex Juma Jux as a good man.

She was asked who between Rotimi and Jux is a good lover to her sister.

"I met Jux at the backstage. To be honest, he is a good person," she said in an interview.

"Even though people have split, it doesn't mean you have to argue. They are human and nothing stays forever.

"Even you that are in relationships, mtaachana tu." 

She added that Rotimi is also a good person. "So I can't pick as everyone played a big role in Vanessa's life, that's why you love her."

For peace's sake, she said she couldn't collaborate with any of them on a song.

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