How God 'visited' rapper King Kaka

A bright light appeared and he was able to eat, he says

In Summary

• Recovered rapper says his slogan will forever remain 'it is not me, but God'

King Kaka
King Kaka
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Rapper King Kaka says God visited him when he was bedridden last year. 

In an interview with Jalang'o TV, Kaka said when he was almost giving up on life, a bright light appeared and he was able to eat. 

"I saw a bright light in the room at night when I was in darkness and had not eaten for a week," he said.

"The following day after seeing the light, I was able to take porridge and started feeling better. God visited me."

"It is a blessing that I can now sit. I was not able to."

King Kaka was in the hospital for about two months after he was misdiagnosed at a local hospital.

This led to a tremendous weight loss.