‘Uradi’ star Manasseh bags a lucrative deal

The actor is in South Africa to sign a deal with Netflix

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• He is famous for 'Uradi', where he played a very pivotal role that impressed scouts

Manasseh Nyagah
Manasseh Nyagah
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Manasseh Nyagah. Remember that name. The swanky actor is currently in South Africa to sign a super lucrative deal with the popular content streaming app Netflix.

"If he signs that deal, it is a big deal not only for Manasseh Nyagah but for the Kenyan acting fraternity. It will pave the way for other young and budding TV and movie stars," a source whispered to Word Is.

Manasseh's filmography gave him a foot through the door.

He is famed for his roles in Netflix's 'Uradi' and Showmax series 'Famous'. He also had a show on Switch TV called 'Switchboard'.

"I believe Manasseh's brand caught the attention of the talent scouts who value that look, and his film and TV body of work was also super impressive," the source added.

In 'Uradi', Manasseh played a very pivotal role that impressed the scouts. The film follows the life of a young man who goes to Nairobi for higher education.

Upon his admission to university, the drama soon begins to unfold as peer pressure increases his desire to “live the high life”.

To make ends meet, he is forced into petty crime, not knowing that the allure of quick money is slowly sinking him into the dangerous territories of radicalisation and terrorism.

Now turning back becomes a daunting task. Manasseh is loved by many for his work, and among the fans is Classic 105 presenter Maina Kageni.

In one Instagram post, he wrote, "My superstar!" Adding,"My superstar in the city of superstars."

Besides Manasseh, other Kenyan creatives who have worked with Netflix include comedians Eddie Butita and Tosh Gitonga.

Tosh was selected among the six mentors for the Netflix and Unesco short film competition, ‘The African Folktales, Reimagined.’

In partnership with Unesco, Netflix will award each of the six finalists $25,000 (Sh 2.8 million) in the search for the best-reimagined folktales by African storytellers.

Additionally, there is a $75,000 (Sh8.4 million) production budget through a local production company to make their film under the guidance of these industry mentors.

The collaboration will ensure everyone involved in the production is compensated.

Their films will also premiere on Netflix in 2022 as an “Anthology of African folktales”.

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