Eric Omondi has been celibate for five years

He offered to reward 'clout chaser' claiming debt for Sh25k sex

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• 'Manzi wa TRM' accused him of not paying her for sex to help her pay rent

Eric Omondi
Eric Omondi
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Comedian Eric Omondi says he has been celibate since August 7, 2017.

He was responding after Caro Leehavi, alias 'Manzi wa TRM', accused him of not paying her the agreed-upon Sh25,000 fee for her sexual services.

Speaking to Kamene and Jalas, the comedian said he does not know her.

However, when cornered about the story, Eric caved and offered to pay Manzi wa TRM Sh75,000.

According to Eric, Caro has a very captivating, clout-chasing story that’s worth the money he claims he will offer.

"I'm going to send her 75K we agreed you know for her effort, the creativity. You know ako job, anatafuta rent," he said.

"This woman deserves all the money, have you watched all the videos? She has created a story and her body language, her tone, hata I'm confused, 'Ama I did it?'"

Caro told Word Is she met Eric through his manager, since they were great friends and neighbours, too.

She alleged that upon meeting with him, she was struggling to come up with Sh25,000 in rent arrears and Eric promised to settle the arrears if she went with him to a certain hotel room.

Eric then teased her in bed, which later resulted in more intimacy, but he left her stranded, not keeping his end of the bargain.

Caro added that she was afraid to speak up at the time due to the lack of a solid platform.

Ending Celibacy

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