'You want to bamba' hitmaker almost gave up singing

He even used to pay to perform before his song became a hit

In Summary

• Only his family members and friends jammed to his song when he published it

Goya Menor
Goya Menor
Image: KISS FM

Goya Menor, the Nigerian singer behind the trending song 'Ameno', also known as 'You want to bamba', says the song gave him a new lease of life just when he was almost giving up his music career.

Goya, who is in Kenya for a show in Mombasa, told Kamene and Jalas when he recorded the song and posted it on Facebook, only his family members and friends jammed to it.

"It has since become a worldwide hit. It all started as a joke, it wasn't a serious project because I have been singing for a while," he said.

"I almost gave up because if you are not in the limelight, no one pays attention, and I even paid to perform."

"I recorded it and left it there and for four months, it had 4K streams from friends and family.

"Some months later, a lady reached out to me from Germany and she said she loved my song. She told me people loved my song on TikTok and since I wasn't there, she was the one updating me, sending me videos of people vibing to it from all over the world. It started blowing up and it got over 2 million plays."