Naughty sticker sent itself, says Baba Gloria

Salacious sticker in funeral WhatsApp group led to women sending him nudes

In Summary

• He was called so much, he switched his phone off

Leonard Githinji aka Baba Gloria
Leonard Githinji aka Baba Gloria

Leonard Githinji, alias Baba Gloria, went viral after he sent a salacious WhatsApp sticker on a funeral fundraiser group.

Speaking to Word Is, Githinji explained how the sticker got into the public space.

"It was a group for burial contributions for the brother to Governor Wambora," he said.

"I did not manage to get off the group before I put my phone back in the pocket. My data was still on, so the sticker sent itself to the burial group.

"I received a call from the admin, asking me to delete the sticker, but someone had already taken a screenshot."

He received over 2,000 messages, including nudes from women after his number was exposed to the public.

"I have no trust in people anymore, it has been a challenge," he said, adding his wife of 11 years supported him.