'The More Things Change' film premieres tomorrow

You will soon be able to catch it for free on YouTube

In Summary

• The film will be watched for the very first time at the NBO Film Festival, tomorrow

The 'More things Change' film poster
The 'More things Change' film poster
Image: Courtesy

The Nest Collective has announced the premiere dates for 'The More Things Change' as well as the new screening details.

The film will be watched for the very first time at the NBO Film Festival tomorrow. 

Thereafter, it will be available to all, for free viewing, on The Nest Collective's YouTube channel from its online premiere next week.

Njeri Gitungo, Nest’s head producer, said they are happy to be so close to the release after many months of work from so many talented people. "We can’t wait to see how folks will react."

'The More Things Change' is a fiction anthology feature film from the Nest Collective that has been two years in the making.

The film was made in partnership with Forum Civ as part of the Wajibu Wetu programme. 

TMTC has been described as a slow-burn, cerebral, dramatic thriller.

It boasts the unique narrative of looking back into Kenya’s political past and then exploring the present, as well as imagining an exciting potential speculative future to explore resistance by individuals and communities.

Co-directed by Collective members Akati Khasiani and Mars Maasai, it explores what happens when an ordinary girl takes on a powerful adversary at great personal cost.

Supa Modo's Nyawara Ndambia is the star. She starred as the beautiful, determined and assertive Mwix.

The film also features several other stage, TV and film actors, including Melvin Alusa, Bryan Ngatia, Emmanuel Mugo ('Sense8', 'Pillow Talk', 'This Is Life') and a young luminary, Stycie Waweru ('Supa Modo', 'Just In Time', 'Lusala').

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