Eric blasted for endorsing Wanjigi

Artistes say the 59-year-old cannot be the choice of youth

In Summary

• Comedian endorsed the tycoon-turned-politician but netizens were not pleased

Comedian Eric Omondi
Comedian Eric Omondi
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Some artistes are mad at Eric Omondi after he endorsed flamboyant politician Jimmy Wanjigi for presidency next year.

Eric posted a video urging the youth to vote wisely and elect people who are youths to represent them in Parliament and the Senate. For the top seat, he backed ODM candidate Jimmy Wanjigi.

According to Google, youth are between the age of 15 and 35 years. Jimmy Wanjigi was born in 1962, making him 59 years old. 

Singer Frasha said youths need to stand with those who have serious youth interests at heart.

"@jimi.wanjigi has nothing new to offer the youth, he's in the same category with the rest of the presidential aspirants."

DJ Lyta suggested that Eric was paid by Jimmy. "Umesahau kuweka 'Paid Partnership'."