Vera to spend Sh1m on VIP C-section delivery

She wants to slay in the delivery room, has no time for pain or negativity

In Summary

• She termed the pain from natural childbirth a curse from God she cannot endure

• Fans tired of her flaunting her baby bump and pregnancy journey will be blocked

Vera Sidika
Vera Sidika
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Socialite Vera Sidika will spare no expense to have a glamorous and painless childbirth.

In various updates on social media, the mum-to-be said she is ready to part with up to Sh1 million to slay in the delivery room.

"They say CS is expensive but if you really want it. You’d prepare better even if you don’t have money. That’s nine months of saving. For private hospitals, the case is super different," she said.

Vera, whose due date is November 5, said she is ready to foot the bills of a VIP delivery room at a private hospital in Nairobi for her desired C-section delivery.

Explaining her decision, the soon-to-be mother said she only changed her mind about having children after she realised there are painless options to the journey as she fears going through labour.

I even want to slay. Have my wig and makeup on fleek during my delivery. I honestly can’t deal with pain

"Ever since I thought of having kids in my adult life, I said to myself I’ll do it only if I don’t have to experience labour. So I have forever been team CS (scheduled). I don’t want to feel an inch of labour pain," she said.

"I even want to slay. Have my wig and makeup on fleek during my delivery. I honestly can’t deal with pain."

Adding, "Y’all keep saying CS takes time to heal, who told you I’m in a hurry to heal? Normal delivery? No, I will not do that to my birth canal. Imagine a pain that was a curse from God. I can’t even think of it. All I know is if I go for normal birth, I’ll probably not want to have another baby."

She went on to acknowledge that every delivery story is different.

"I’m willing to live with the scar evidence of the purest form of love," she said.

She warned fans against hating on those women who go through CS, stating that all mothers love their children.

The socialite is blocking followers who say they are tired of seeing her flaunt her baby bump on social media.

"If you are tired of my pregnancy, my pregnancy pic posts, journey and experiences, kindly send a DM," she wrote.

"I want to make your life easy. I’m blocking everyone tired of being on my page. Remember, nobody put a gun on your head and forced you to be here."

She added that she will cancel all negativity and never unblock those she weeds out.

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