Vera Sidika 'predicted' her pregnancy three years ago

She said in 'Nalia' video she would be happily married and pregnant

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• In a video on YouTube, Vera said that she is currently 21 weeks pregnant

Vera Sidika
Vera Sidika
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Vera Sidika says she predicted her pregnancy about three years ago, as she strongly believes in the power of manifestation.

In a video on YouTube, Vera said she is currently 21 weeks pregnant.

“Remember when I did my first music video… I had just come from a really bad breakup and I remember very well at the end of the video, I remember telling the director to put like a random number like three years’ year later, I'm happily married and I’m pregnant," she said.

"That was on November 10, 2018. That's exactly three years ago and guess what, my due date is on 5th November 2021. If you do your maths right, that is exactly three years later. How powerful is the power of manifestation guys?

"It is like I prophesied my entire pregnancy and my life."