‘I live for now’: Amber Ray splits with Jimal

Socialite said she has no regrets, wants to go international

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• In a recent Q and A session on her social media, Amber Ray confirmed they had split

Amber Ray
Amber Ray
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Socialite Amber Ray and businessman Jimal ‘Roho Safi’ Marlow have officially parted ways.

Addressing the breakup in a recent Q and A session on her social media, Amber Ray confirmed they had split.

“Are you together with Jimal? If not, what happened? All will be well,” posed one of her fans.

To which she responded, saying, "No, not anymore."

"Are you not heartbroken or feeling depressed by the fact that you and Jimal have broken up?" asked another.

Amber replied saying, "Like I said, I live for now. And life is all about creating memories."

Responding to whether she will be returning the Jeep she currently drives to Jimal, Amber said everything she currently has belongs to her, including the car and house she currently lives in.

"For now I want to go international. I have to represent my tribe beyond the borders."

The mother of one went on to state that she will never regret dating Jimal.

"As much as we have our differences, we have good memories," she said.

As much as we have our differences, we have good memories
Amber Ray

Jimal had said he'd married her as his second wife.

"Amber and I did not meet two years ago as most people think, we have known each other for over five years now," he said.

"She advertised one of my brands for me and at that time, we were just friends."

Jimal's first wife Amira said she knew Amber Ray when she was selling clothes to her.

"I did not know her as I had come from Dubai for quite some time, so sikua najua what kind of person she was. Nikachukua manguo and even asked her where she does her lashes."

The two have since been making headlines for squabbling on social media.

Recently, the two, Amber and Amira had a fight in Syokimau. Video footage showed Amber Ray and her friends hurling insults at Amira, her co-wife, and some of the neighbourhood women.

Amira said Jimal had called her after a dead bird was dumped at Amber Ray's doorstep. In her Instagram stories, Amber Ray said her co-wife started it all on a Tuesday night.

She said Amira brought back a dead bird with her from Tanzania and dropped it at her doorstep.

Jimal has since left social media. He told Word Is he wants his life private.