Pierra Makena's daughter turns five

The DJ recounted going through 24 hours of labour

In Summary

• To celebrate her daughter Ricca, Pierra shared her tough labour experience

DJ Pierra with her daughter Ricca
DJ Pierra with her daughter Ricca
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DJ Pierra Makena's daughter turned five years old yesterday.

To celebrate her daughter Pokot, Pierra shared her tough labour experience.

Sharing a throwback photo of herself, Pierra said she was in labour for 24 hours.

"A time like now 2016. I was going through my 24 hours of labour, waiting to see my little bundle of joy. I'll not even talk about the labour," she wrote.

"But by the time Ricca arrived, all the pain was gone and my life changed. She brought real joy and real love!"

Pierra recently said she thought she would never make it to raising her daughter alone after parting ways with the baby daddy. She was, however, amazed at how far she had come.