Harmonize tired of being single

Lonely life has reduced him to feeding on leftover food

In Summary

• For the first time since he became famous, he has stayed months without a girlfriend.


Tanzanian singer Harmonize is fed up with being single.

For the first time since he became famous, Harmonize has stayed for months without a girlfriend.

He shared a video of himself warming food on Instagram.

"Single life. Just feeding on leftover food all the time," he wrote.

Harmonize's first girlfriend after he came to the limelight was Jacqueline Wolper.

They dated for years until he was said to be cheating on her with a mzungu.

Weeks after parting ways with Wolper, he started dating Sarah Michelotti, an Italian woman whom he had met through his manager Sallam Mendez.

They got married but separated late last year after Sarah accused him of cheating.

Early this year, Harmonize started dating actress Paula Kajala but it was not long before they broke up.