A troll called me barren, says Vera

No one deserves to be called names due to societal expectations, she said

In Summary

• Vera said women should be left to give birth when they are ready

Vera Sidika
Vera Sidika
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Socialite Vera Sidika has clapped back at trolls who called her barren.

The mother-to-be said no one deserves to be called names just because they have not conformed to societal expectations.

Vera added that women should be left to give birth when they are ready.

Through her Insta Stories, Vera called out a fan who called her barren without knowing the socialite was already pregnant.

"Some stupid woman called me barren. You all act like you know my life and my womb so well to make it a topic of discussion. So many Lucifers on Instagram. Stupid son of a b***h," she ranted.

"10th March 2021, someone's daughter called me barren. As if is she knows what my womb looks like. I was already pregnant by this time, just laughing at nasty comments. Ladies, let nobody rush you into getting pregnant."

She added that motherhood is a whole commitment.

"A baby is not a commodity you buy from a shop to impress family, in-laws, etc. Then return when things go left. Also, no matter how rich your bf, hubby don't ever depend entirely on that."

She is currently married to singer Brown Mauzo. Vera announced she is pregnant to her fans last week, adding that she has had a smooth pregnancy journey.

"No morning sickness, no symptoms pregnancy. God is good. I cook, eat everything, can jump, run maybe even somersault," she said.