Amber Ray sold cereals, 'matumbo' before fame

Now the second wife of a rich man, she said she was a millionaire by age 26

In Summary

• She advised women not to depend on men for money but strive for independence

Amber Ray
Amber Ray
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Socialite Amber Ray says she sold cereals and ‘matumbo’ when she was younger. She was also a waitress and head of customer care.

In a recent Q and A on her social media, Amber claimed she became a millionaire at 26 and got her first car at 29. And even though she’s that rich, Amber says she doesn’t mind being a 2nd wife to Jamal.

The mother of one also disputed claims that her hubby Jamal had made her rich, saying she is self-made, advising women not to depend on men for money.

"Nimeuza matumbo, cereals. Nimeuza maziwa, nimekua waitress and my last job nilikua head of customer care e-citizen… It’s just that we don’t look like what we have been through," she said.

"We work hard behind the curtains. There’s no easy way to succeed, ata kupata pesa poa from a man, you must have your money kwanza… You can’t let people feed you all the time coz they are humans and humans get tired without notice.”

She also said she is officially married to the famous city businessman as his second wife.

"I'm curious, are you Jamal's second wife?" posed one of her fans, to which she responded, saying, "Yes." "Legally?" asked another, and she replied, "Yes."

She further explained that her current relationship with Jamal is the best she has been in.

Although he is committed to his family, Amber says losing him is the least of her worries as she lives in the moment.

"Honestly, it's really complicated, but 70 per cent I'm happy, something I have never gotten before. And no, I'm not scared because I live for now," she wrote.