Fans, I'm not Mrs Raburu — Marya

She is tired of deleting comments of fans referring to her as such

In Summary

• She has long since moved on from split to the media personality, is now Ms Irungu

Willis Raburu and his ex-wife MaryPrude
Willis Raburu and his ex-wife MaryPrude
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Willis Raburu's ex-wife Marya Prude has warned her fans against calling her Mrs Raburu.

While responding to her fans' comments on her posts, Marya made it clear she is no longer Mrs Raburu.

"I am tired of deleting your comments every time! I am Ms Irungu."

Raburu and Prude had officiated their union with a low-key church wedding in 2017 and separated last year, a few months after losing their daughter.

In a past Q&A session with her fans, one fan proposed marriage to her, to which she responded, "No, is a scam," she wrote.

When asked why she didn't fight for her marriage with Raburu, she said, "Someone hold me cause somebody is about to meet their ancestors."

She also revealed that she is single.