Bamboo took time out from music to 'mature'

After 'fighting witchcraft', he is now wooing people back to God

In Summary

• He has published five books on spiritual warfare and money

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'Compe' hitmaker Bamboo took time out from doing music to mature in his Christian faith. 

Speaking to Word Is, the legendary rapper said, the silence was for him to grow and  find out what it really means to be a Christian, understand the commandments and get a grasp of how the Kingdom of God works.

"It takes a process and I decided to step back from the music aspect and learn,” he said.

“During the process, I got married to Erika and got into family. Being a family man changes you. God wanted me to come out as a family man and evolve from this bachelor who is rapping.”

Just after coming back to Kenya from The States in 2012, Bamboo said he was bewitched by people who didn't want to see his well-being.

“When I came back from the States, I was excited. Within a short time, there are people who were jealous and there are guys who use dark powers to shut you down. I found that doors that were previously opened were shut down. Everything was going wrong,” he said.

“I would arrive at the studio and lights would go off. They come back as soon as I leave. Just strange things happening consistently for a whole year. The ATM would eat my card. I wasn't a religious person and I realised life is spiritual.”

Adding, “I witnessed that witchcraft exists. It is more than just a fairytale. I was attacked by those same things and I made it through. The process of getting through it is what opened my eyes.

“If you are not aware of them, you can go around getting robbed. Those forces make people not make genuine progress. They make people totally deflated, and Christianity fights against that.

He likened it to warfare, saying when you start, there are forces that begin to fight you to go back. Learning how to stand firm and fight is the training you really need to know. The singer says he was getting sharpened and is ready to put out music.

He has released his latest song, 'Karibu Home', featuring Tanzanian singer Martha Mwaipaja. He said the song is to bring people back to God.

“During this Covid period, people have been feeling like God is far from them. They pray and feel like God is not answering their prayers. People have gone astray. God is welcoming them back home, no judgement,” he said.

“The message coincided with Martha and she is really talented. It is something that people were not expecting.”

He promised his fans more music this year. “More music, more work and more messages,” he said.

The rapper has published five books on spiritual warfare and money.