‘Confident’ Nicah okay with Ofweneke wife comparison

She says she is beautiful as well so doesn't mind fans comparing

In Summary

• Their relationship ended after they fell out of love, but they're happily co-parenting


Gospel singer Nicah the Queen spoke for the first time about her relationship with her ex-husband Dr Ofweneke’s new bae, Christine Tenderess.

Speaking to Massawe Japanni on Radio Jambo, Nicah said Ofweneke's current wife is amazing.

"She is a beautiful woman. We haven’t talked but based on what my children say about her, she is a good woman, she takes very good care of my children."

"What I know is that I trust Ofweneke. If he chose her, that means Ofweneke trusts her and the fact that I trust him means I don’t even need to follow up kama mtoto amekula if they are well taken care of. Let them take care of the children the best way they know how. When they are with me, I do the same."

Social media users always keep comparing Nicah to Ofweneke's bae. Asked how she deals with that she said, "She is a good woman, she is beautiful, I’m beautiful as well, so I don’t mind being compared to her. It is a matter of self confidence. so I don’t mind being compared. Those are fans and we need our fans whatever they say, tunaendelea tu, regardless."

Nicah explained how her charming relationship with Dr Ofweneke ended.

"We fell out. People fall in love and they get to a point where one has outgrown the other and you find that there is now the peace of happiness [apart] because of the conflict between the two of you."

She added that the two outgrew each other.

"Emotionally, we were very young when we started. I was around 20 years old and he was 25 years old. When you are in a marriage, you teach yourself a lot of things. It is a learning experience. Every day, people show a new side of them, so at the point it is like, where we started from is not where we are or where we are heading to."

The ex-couple co-parent and remain good friends.