DJ Evolve is not doing well, says dad

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•Orinda explained that DJ Evolve’s younger brother is the one taking care of him at home.

DJ Evolve
DJ Evolve
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John Orinda, the father of Felix Orinda, alias DJ Evolve, has spoken out on how his son is doing a year after he was shot in the neck.

In mid-January 2019, CCTV footage from B-Club showed Embakasi EastMP Babu Owino drawing his gun and shooting a man who appeared to be Orinda in Kilimani.

Babu was later arrested over the incident.

Speaking to Massawe Japanni on Radio Jambo, Orinda said his son is not doing well.

"He has been having fever for sometime and the doctors have taken blood samples for testing to find out what the issue is."

"Though I can say he is not where he was when he started out. He is doing much better as he can even lift his arms."

Orinda explained that DJ Evolve’s younger brother is the one taking care of him at home.

"He has a nurse 24 hours and his small brother is taking care of everything."

Orinda said that when he was in the hospital, the doctors told him that his son is alive by the grace of God.

He said that his memory is still okay and that he can piece things together and remember dates. Adding that his friends still keep in touch.

During the interview, Orinda also explained why he thanked Owino, which made him trend on social media for days.

"I pray for my son to get better. I was criticised for thanking Babu Owino but the fact that he took my son to the hospital in good time, I said thank you."

"That is why I said thank you because if my son died, I do not know how my life would be. I am still saying thank you but I thank God my son is still alive."

He said the journey has not been easy for the family as there were days they would spend nights at his son's hospital bed hoping that he would survive.

"We could not sleep, we used to be in the hospital by 7pm and leave there at midnight."

Orinda's family and Babu Owino do not talk one on one but only communicate through the nurses about Evolve's health.

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