Why Rose Muhando is not planning to get married

Her work cannot allow her to be with him always as she travels a lot

In Summary

• She said she might not satisfy her husband's need due to her work demands

Rose Muhando
Rose Muhando
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Tanzanian gospel singer Rose Muhando is not getting married any time soon.

Rose, who is living in Dodoma, Tanzania, said she is picking up her broken pieces after being spared by God to be alive.

"I am in Dodoma trying to make life better. I will be living in Dodoma but like always, I will travel."

In a recent interview with TVeTanzania, the mother of three said she is satisfied being a single mother.

"I have never gotten married since I do not think I can live with a man and handle him well," she said.

"I travel a lot and so my work cannot allow me to be with him always. Maybe I find one who is very understanding, but I am very careful with my job and I protect it so much."

Rose added that in life, there is love and work, but we choose which to satisfy our heart with.

"My heart is full of my music and even since long time ago, my dad used to complain about my singing. I might not satisfy my husband's need," she said.

Rose is a mother of three and she said she got them with different fathers while she was living in the street.

"They are my peace and my life, they make me happy. They are all very bright and I love them very much."

In a previous interview, Rose said the baby daddies left her when she was either pregnant or the child was young.

"I have, however, managed to enroll them in good schools."