Marriage is more than sex and children, says Evelyn

She would have been worried if husband was pressuring her to have kids

In Summary

• Evelyn, married to Akweyu for eight years, has not been able to bear a child

Evelyn Wanjiru
Evelyn Wanjiru
Image: Courtesy

Gospel singer Evelyn Wanjiru says there is more to marriage than sex and childbearing.

Evelyn has been married to Agundabweni Akweyu for eight years and has not been able to bear a child.

In an Instagram post, she advised couples to always settle down with spouses who are heavily invested in their calling or profession.


"Marry someone who can carry the weight and burden of your vision. Marriage is beyond sex and bearing children," she said.

Adding, "It is disastrous to marry someone who doesn’t show any interest in what you’re called to do.

"As you are falling in love with him/her, also fall in love with their calling, profession, passion and vision. You must first discover yourself, and your discovery will be the parameter at which you make your marital decision. I hope this blessed you."

In a past interview with Massawe Japanni, she said having no kids does not worry her at all.

"If I was getting pressure from him, I would have been worried," she said.

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