Big Ted: 'Wash wash' guys tried to access State House

He left elite job with nothing, but he had a clear conscience

In Summary

• They contacted him for a favour in exchange for a big payout

Big Ted
Big Ted
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Thomas Kwaka, alias Big Ted, has opened up about brushing shoulders with powerful men on the corridors of State House.

This privilege was the reason wash wash guys contacted him for a favour in exchange for a big payout.

Big Ted was the State House Deputy Director for branding and events. 

Speaking to Jalango on YouTube, Big Ted narrated how God gave him another chance.

"I have made mistakes, with my life, family, social and spiritual life. I am a great example of mistake-making, but I am also a great example of God’s grace," he said.

"There are two kinds of people: Those who believe they will work and God will honour them, they look very stupid to everybody. And then there are people who look like they are working, but they are not working. I had the opportunity to do wash wash, to do crazy deals even while at State House, but I didn’t."

At the time he turned down the offer to get rich quick, he was deep in debt. His company, Main Events, had incurred Sh15 million debt due to financial mismanagement.

"In my life, I have been bankrupt twice, the latest being three years ago… I was bankrupt while working at State House.” 

Looking back, he said, "I will never forget what she 'Wash operative' told me that day when I left the office. She said, Ted, if we agree today, then nobody you owe money will call you again. I left that place with nothing, but I left free."

He is not the only one who was approached by the wash wash guys. Dennis Itumbi also spoke about it a while back. The nefarious characters wanted access to the most secure building in Kenya.

"Daaamn! This was the easiest cash I was going to make in my life. The risk was too low. I debated within myself."

Adding, "Finally, I picked my phone and called my friend, 'I am sorry, bro. No deal.'

"He pleaded and I told him, 'Sorry, let me keep the trust, it is more valuable'

"I hear him sigh in disappointment."

Itumbi then said that literally two days later, “a whole team of people were arrested at State House for attempted fraud and cash almost the figure I had been promised was recovered.”

He continued, "Listen, my friend, Work hard. Be patient and try to implement your ideas."