Was Eric Omondi’s wedding to Carol a publicity stunt?

Comedian has dismissed claims his wedding was a publicity stunt

In Summary

• Suspicion arose from missing rings, clergyman in purported wedding

Image: Eric Omondi with Caro on his wedding

Comedian Eric Omondi has been driving his fans crazy since the time he announced he is looking for a wife.

On Tuesday, he announced his marriage to Carol Kamweru of BandBeca, who was the winner of his reality show, 'Wife Material'.

A video shared showed the two exchanging vows at Safari Park Hotel. Well, Kenyans were quick to question whether the ceremony was legit or if it was a stunt.

Among the things people noticed was that the event was not officiated by a clergyman, and the couple was not seen signing the official marriage documents. Also, Eric did not have a ring on his finger.

Speaking to Word Is, the comedian said the ceremony was legitimate, adding that it was held at Safari Park Hotel with family and close friends.

He also admitted that the public has been sceptical about the intention of the reality show.

Reassuring his fans he was serious about getting a life partner from the show, Eric said he had even taken Carol to his mother, who blessed them.

"My mum was at the wedding and even before the wedding day, I took my wife to her, where she spent two days getting some wisdom from her," he said.

Eric also told off haters, saying he is sure people will not believe he is indeed married.

"Tutazaa tu wakisema ni kiki, but this is the wife Kenyans chose for me and I realised she has all the qualities I have been looking for in a woman for a wife."

When asked to comment about celebrities who are using stunts to promote their projects, Eric said a stunt is also a form of entertainment.

"Stunts are good so long as you are using the right one. Do not use a weird stunt. Like artistes should stop posting a wedding dress before releasing a song, it has been overdone."

He explained that Kiki is a form of advertisement and promotion to get attention from the public before you release a product or a project.

"It should be followed by good content. I mean the stunt should not be bigger than the content you are promoting," he said.

He urged celebs to stop boring fans with cheap stunts.

"Ati msanii ameshikwa na polisi alafu kesho anatoa ngoma."

Celebrities who have used stunts in the past include Bahati, who recently faked a breakup story with his wife, only for him to release a song featuring his wife Diana, Ringtone and Willy Paul.