Anita Nderu: Kenya should consider LGBTQ as a norm

I shan't apologise for my belief that love is LOVE, she said

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• Brands refuse to work with her for fear of looking controversial

• Some even asked her to take down any work she had done with them

Anita Nderu
Anita Nderu
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Media personality Anita Nderu became the topic of discussion on Twitter after she came out.

"I hope my kids never have to go through what I have gone through for being LGBTQ+," she tweeted.

This sparked an intense conversation on Twitter, with many questioning her sexuality, while others questioned her decision to post such information on social media.

Speaking to Word Is, Anita said that confession made her lose some clients as an influencer.

"Many brands to date refuse to work with me out of fear of looking controversial, some even asked me to take down any work I did with them," she said.

"However, many stood by me and like I said I am so grateful for every one of them."

Anita added that she hopes that one day our country, which has always been amazing in acceptance, will consider her pro-LGBTQ+ stance a norm.

"I shan't apologise for my belief that love is LOVE. If we can accept half the things we suffer through in this country, surely we can accept love unconditionally."

Asked about her parent's reaction after her tweet, Anita said they laughed at the hypocrisy and judged everyone who judged her because they believe love is unconditional.

On how she dealt with the criticism, Anita said she is grateful to all the people and brands who stood by her and accepted the opinions of those who did not.

"It's called life. If I spend my one time here worrying about negative opinions, I would not be doing life right. I accept positive criticism, just not hypocrisy."

Asked if she is a member or she supports the community, Anita said, "Both. There are many letters of the alphabet in what you have asked, and I only fall in one. Keep guessing, it is fun to watch."

She added that her relationship with her boyfriend DJ Sun Man is going great.

Her advise to those who would want to come out but fear the stigma is that they only have this life.

"Live you! Happiness in the mix is so important. Everyone around you is living theirs, why shouldn't you? "

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