Journalist Makena pampers 'BFF' Michelle with love

Nothing to see here except two beautiful, happy humans, she wrote

In Summary

• Two two are on a vacay in Diani and sharing pics that are causing a stir online

Image: Makena Njeri and her BFF Michelle Ntalami

BBC journalist Makena Njeri and Marini Naturals CEO Michelle Ntalami have been causing ripples online with their strong friendship.

The two have been pampering each other with love online.

Makena, who’s known for penning love messages to her BFF, shared yet another heartwarming letter, sharing photos of them in Diani.


Makena shared a romantic letter appreciating her BFF for the joy and love she brings to her life.

"It will forever be held so close to my heart! It’s beautiful moments like this that I will hold on to forever. I love you deeply and thank you for making this human so bright and bold. Forever my Queen @michelle.ntalami," she wrote.

Michelle also shared photos of them strolling on the beach and captioned it, "Here is a photo of two beautiful, happy humans. If you see anything else aside from this, then maybe you should really try to be a beautiful, happy human too."

"@makenanjeri always love! And thank you for all the beautiful memories we’ve made together since the day we met! We stole this beach’s sunshine today!"

Responding to Michelle’s message, Makena wrote, "Thank you for your love. You love me too proper, my darling."

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