Harmonize was broke when we dated, says ex Wolper

Wolper told singer to stop smoking bhang after he alleged she ate his money and was unfaithful

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• His mother is a 'witness' to the poverty he had at time he allegedly gave her TSh30m

Harmonize's ex-girlfriend Wolper Stylish
Harmonize's ex-girlfriend Wolper Stylish
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Bongo star Harmonize is making headlines thanks to all the controversy surrounding him.

His Italian wife Sarah Michelotti recently left him for claiming to have sired a baby out of wedlock, though she said DNA tests turned out negative.

His ex-girlfriend Wolper stylish has now responded to claims the 'Atarudi' hitmaker selflessly forked out TSh30 million to finance her business trip to China only to uncover that he was cheating on him with a man in China.


Speaking on Tanzanian media, Wolper said the singer was broke when they were dating.


"You can't say you have given your girlfriend that huge amount of money, yet they helped you rise in your career. He was very naïve and so many things he learnt from me," she said.

"I remember he even applied his body with shower gel, but I corrected him and told him it is used for showering. Where did he get the 30 million? I went to his home and slept on the floor and his mother is a witness.

"I cooked using firewood outside. Why didn't he use the money to purchase a gas cooker for his mum? Why did I sleep on the floor? Some lies can only be told by a drunkard person."

That is a lie just to tarnish my name. I would ask Harmonize to stop smoking bhangi

Harmonize had denied dating Sarah Michelotti for money.

"When I toured the United States, she (Wolper), too, luckily travelled to Burundi on business. In Burundi, there was a man who chauffeured her around in a Range Rover and when I saw photos of them together had gotten out of hand, I asked her," he'd said.

"She said he was her host, a brother and there was nothing to it. A month earlier, she had gone to China and I gave her Tsh30 million as capital to stock her fashion house."

He added that he organised her a surprise birthday only for the China-based man to call as he was handing over the car gift.


"It hurt. For the first time, I went through the messages and found texts from different men, including from the one in Burundi saying he missed her. I felt angry and betrayed but we didn't break up. I forgave her."


Harmonize also alleged that Wolper wanted to date Diamond Platnumz and had plans to bear him a son.

During the interview, Wolper said she met Diamond before him and if she wanted a baby from him, she would have gotten one.

"Why should I wait for you so that I become pregnant for your boss? I mean I am not that type of a woman. That is a lie just to tarnish my name. I would ask Harmonize to stop smoking bhangi."

When asked about Harmonize's alleged baby, Wolper said she does not know anything as she does not follow or talk to the singer.