Harmonize dumped by Italian wife for infidelity

She accused him of lies and disrespect for claiming another man's baby

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• Harmonize went public to reveal that he sired a child with a different woman

Sarah and Harmonize
Sarah and Harmonize
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Tanzanian singer Harmonize has been dumped by his Italian wife Sarah Michelotti.

This comes a few days after Harmonize publicly declared he sired a child with another woman.

In a lengthy post on Instagram, Harmonize first apologised to his loved ones, his wife, but most especially his daughter, Zulekha, whom he says he felt compelled to conceal from the rest of the world for fear of being scolded.


"The truth will set you free. It doesn’t matter to what extent, or the timing, but I believe by putting this out there, I will feel liberated. I’m sorry to my Princess for not ever being proud of you for one year and seven months," he wrote.

"Forgive me for not sparing time to check on you when you were sick for fear of jeopardising my current relationship.

"I kept you hidden from the world and you missed out on all the fame that I, your father, have been blessed with."

Harmonize, however, said he provided for her and her mother. The singer tied the knot with his Italian lover Sarah Michelotti in 2019.

He made it apparent that he had informed Sarah of the child and had apologised to her for his indiscretion.

Sarah posted saying the singer could not sire children and that the DNA tests came negative thrice.

"The results came back negative, showing you’re not the father. But since you’ve failed to father a child of your own, you are now claiming someone else’s baby."


Sarah attached photos of an alleged paternity DNA test that was supposedly conducted on the baby Harmonize claims to have fathered.

She later shared a farewell message to her husband, saying he disrespected and lied to her.

"I loved you for the person I thought you were, I gave you all the happiness which you failed to reciprocate. You’ve revealed to me you are a man with no respect, a liar, someone who doesn’t know how to keep a wife like me," she wrote.

"I’ve been through a lot in this fake relationship/marriage. If I reveal everything, everyone will be shocked. You are two-faced. You didn’t even appreciate what I did for you and now it is too late. Life will teach you the lessons you deserve for what you’ve done and now I will be focusing on my life."

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