How marrying wrong can lead you to depression

Chris Kirubi touched off a storm after he compared marriage to enslavement

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• Billionaire businessman Kirubi likened marriage to enslavement if you marry wrong

• This sparked debate on whether women are the bane of men's existence and why

A couple exchange wedding rings
A couple exchange wedding rings
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For the last one week, flamboyant businessman Chris Kirubi has been trending after he termed marriage enslavement.

Kirubi divorced his wife in 1999 and has not remarried. They have a daughter known as Mary-Anne Wambui. 

He said when you marry wrong, you become a slave to the marriage instead of being happy.


Kirubi, 79, was speaking on Churchill Show, 'The Journey' series. He said one should only enter marriage if they have found the right partner.


"You have to agree to go into slavery and into ‘jail’," he said, adding that those who find the right partner can live a happy life, but some are left to wallow in enslavement for choosing the wrong partner.

The story has been received well by some people, while others disagree with him.

Nowadays, there are many breakup cases in our society, and many people seem to wonder whether marriage is bliss or slavery.

Kirubi said if you marry a good woman, it is such a pleasure. He said some women are like they first went to the army then came back for you to marry them.

"They are always in a fighting mood. God has to bless you," he said.


Commenting on the Star website, reader 'Mugiithi' said the secret to a happy marriage remains a secret.


Another reader by the username 'The Flying Scotsman' said Kirubi's advice was fantastic.


"My dad used to tell me 'women are like children'," he wrote. "I came to understand what he meant many years later. If you treat your woman with love, she will feel like she is in heaven.

"Even the words 'I love you' may be very useless and meaningless to you as a man but to a woman, they mean heaven and earth combined."

Scotsman added that the worst thing is when you hit a woman. "This erases all the good things you have ever done to her," he said.

"She will always remember the beatings and not the good things you have done to her."

Others believe that for one to get a good wife or husband, it is pure luck and more importantly, it takes the hand of God. A good woman comes from the Lord.

'Tomas Tomas' agreed with Kirubi, saying, "If you think his advice is not correct then go ahead and get into a bad marriage, get yourself a wicked woman.

"My fellow men, you will regret. You will realise how that front door to heaven led you to hell through the back door."

'Borntown' said the right woman is important to achieve the fulfilment of marriage, where the wrong one will drag your life down depression lane. There is also the matter of finances while choosing who to marry.

'I hate stupidity' said a woman will never love you if you do not provide security for her children. "It's for the man to work hard and choose the person they want to sire their children with," he wrote.

"Kirubi advises you to be careful about who you choose because some women will just pull you back.

"Most entrepreneurs marry in their 30s or 40s because they know the rules of the game. Build wealth first before locking yourself in the jail of marital commitments.

"Only men love, women marry for convenience. And that's fine because they are the one who carry the babies."

However, 'Grace' said Kirubi is out of touch. "It's easy for CK to say this as he's rich and can employ someone to care for him as he ages.... Many sad stories have I read and seen where men weep in their twilight days for wives and kids they dumped behind," she wrote.

"They imagined their marriages were enslavement only for them to realise/regret abandoning their wives later on in life."

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